eXpress badging
IDing The Challenges Of The ID Experts
Platform migration from Volusion to BigCommerce
The Purpose

eXpress badging. Experts in outsourced photo ID printing services as a primary solution, integrating proven ID badge technology in healthcare, government, small business, Fortune 100 corporations, education and non-profit organizations, and more.

eXpress badging case study
The Observation

Customers, prospective and existing, needed a platform and user experience that could withstand the purchase of option-heavy products from the eXpress badging website.

eXpress badging store
The Approach

The clear solutions were a platform that could handle the volume, coupled with a design and flow that simplified purchasing.

eXpress badging store badges they print
The Solution

Migrate eXpress badging from Volusion to BigCommerce to provide the perfect foundation for the Brand Labs team to build custom features and integrations. For the myriad of products, combinations and add-ons, Brand Labs developed a “wizard view” to organize product options for ease of selection and customization of eXpress badging’s offerings.

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