Solution Blueprint You wouldn’t build a house without a detailed blueprint.

Capturing, strategizing and defining your specific eCommerce/business requirements – from both a UX/UI and technical perspective. The end deliverable is a comprehensive and detailed “Solution Blueprint”, providing the solid foundation for a seamless implementation. Our clients often refer to this deliverable as being “RFP ready”.

How it works

We will work with you through the Solution Blueprint phase with our well-defined process built for alignment and success.

Discover & Define

We’ll lead you through a series of questions to uncover business goals and project requirements to ensure alignment.


UX Designers, System Architects, and PMs strategize to meet your project requirements with well thought-out solutions.

UX Wireframes

Creating wireframes first allows us to focus on Site Architecture, User Flows and Business Goals to create a solid structure.

Technical Roadmap

A tailored technical strategy and proof of concept, detailing requirements so that you can make the most of native features and customize where necessary.

Technical Requirements

Task specific solutions outlined as requirements, which are detailed, scoped, ready to be assigned and begin implementation!


At the end of the phase you’ll have a full Solution Blueprint, which includes the following:

  • UX Wireframes
  • Technical Roadmap
  • Technical Requirements

“Our business model is not typical…Brand Labs delivered! We also needed to dramatically change the way we sell online. Brand Labs was able to deliver a new website and shopping experience that met our expectations, and then some. However, this also required them to learn our unique product offerings and then meet our high-level of expectations, and I can professionally state Team Brand Labs was up to the task.”

Case Studies