UX & SEO Audit

Whether your site is in need of updates or you’re gearing up for a redesign or a migration, a UX/UI and SEO Audit is a great place to start!

How it works

Our well-defined process ensures project alignment and success.

Dedicated Team

You’ll have a dedicated team throughout the entire audit process.

  • UX Expert
  • SEO Specialist
  • Project Manager (PM)

Discover & Define

Before beginning the audit, we will start with a kick off call lead by our UX Expert, SEO Specialist, and PM to uncover:

  • Overall Site Goals
  • Current Pain point
  • Audit Objectives
  • Areas of Exploration

Deep Dive

Our UX Experts will take a deep dive into your site to review key pages to gain a holistic overview by reviewing:

  • Google Analytics
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Core UX/UI
  • Basic Accessibility
  • Heuristics
  • Mobile Experience
  • User Journey
  • PageSpeed & Performance

Getting Technical

We’ll run through a technical SEO checklist to see how your site measures up and identify benchmarks.

  • Google Analytics & Search Console Analysis
  • Load Times (Lighthouse report)
  • Traffic Audit
  • Search Readiness
  • User Actions
  • Technical SEO
  • Entry and Exit Pages


Our UX Expert & SEO Specialist will review their findings along with analytics to provide detailed recommendations that meet your goals and make an impact.


Our team will meet with you to present our key findings, prioritized recommendations, and supporting documentation.


Once the audit is complete you’ll receive a report of audit insights, key findings, and prioritized recommendations.

What’s next?

We’re happy to support you however you need in order to implement the recommendations.

See how we can support you

We found the audit incredibly valuable as it not only provided recommendations that will require technical support but also recommendations we can tackle ourselves. We look forward to using it to plan our course of action for future site improvements and our continued partnership with Brand Labs.”

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