Agency Partner Program
Leverage the Best for the Rest

It’s understandable why design and development agencies want to be one-stop-shops. Who doesn’t want to provide the best, most complete digital service to clients? However, even when balance is perceived to be struck, a deeper dive often reveals areas agencies excels in usually overcompensate for areas where there are gaps, if the service is even offered at all!

Brand Labs prides itself for being “Jacks of None, Masters of One,” discovering early on what it does best: customized ecommerce design and development.

Partner with Brand Labs to be your ecommerce design and development reinforcements helping fulfill your needs where they don’t currently exist in-house, or are the gaps in your services lineup, so you are always providing only the best, most complete experience for your clients — without us ever encroaching upon your business.

Our Ideal Partnership

We believe in symbiotic relationships, where all parties involved benefit and are flexible to meet the needs of the project. Agencies we typically work with tend to have:

  • • Limited/No in-house developers or custom ecommerce development experience
  • • No familiarity with either eCommerce best practices, platforms and/or custom applications
  • • Alignment with our unique process, including the Discovery & Solution Architect phase (when necessary) before implementation
  • • Designated point person(s) providing prompt communication on projects
Leverage Our Expertise

Don’t currently have the in-house resources to execute all your client asks? Call in ecommerce design and development reinforcements. Brand Labs is a master of:

  • • User Experience Strategy
  • • Redesign
  • • Custom Web Development
  • • Ecommerce Platform Investigation
  • • Ecommerce Platform Migration
  • • SEO Technical Support/ Implementation
Why Brand Labs

We have a 15+ year track record of specializing in custom online store design and development, including complex platform migrations. Our proven process of unraveling the UX and functionality requirements upfront sets us apart as the agency that delivers a seamless experience for our agency partners and their clients.


Your clients are yours and yours alone.


When you look good, we look good.


We’re your subject matter experts when you cannot be, speaking the right language and backing it up with execution.

Compliment, Not Competition

Symbiosis and working together are the keys to success.

Flexibility and Proven Process

Whether alongside you assisting with your clients or arming you with all you need to earn their business, we can integrate as much or as little for successful results.

Prompt, Concise Communication

Timely, clear communication that ensures every process is always in daylight and never left to operate in the dark.

Clear Scope of Work

Full transparency of costs and deliverables for services — at all times.

Partner Incentive Program

We’re so confident a partnership with Brand Labs will be rewarding that it wants to reward partners for their trust in who Brand Labs is and what it does! We provide our qualified partners with one of the following:

  • • Discounted pricing within the quote when the proposal is provided to the agency
  • • A kickback if Brand Labs is sending a proposal directly to the client

Ready for Reinforcements?

We can be your ecommerce design and development partner.

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