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Migrating From Volusion: Pros and Cons May 16, 2022

Volusion is one of the few companies that have been around as long as eCommerce has, so it’s only natural that customers with Volusion might need to expand or simply see what alternatives exist. After all, it’s a great big eCommerce world out there and new players have entered the game, each offering their “take” on how best to crack the eCommerce egg.

At Brand Labs we take the agnostic approach to platforms, looking at what makes the most sense for each individual business. And while every platform has its pros and cons, we wanted to shed some light on the reason you might want to move or simply stay put on Volusion.

So whether you’re currently using Volusion and find it lacking features, questioning if you’ve outgrown the platform, or flirting with what-ifs, here’s our primer on migrating off Volusion, what to expect, and how Brand Labs can help.

Why Make The Move?

So why would you need to make the move to something new? As mentioned, Volusion has been a leader in eCommerce for years. But other frameworks such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, and others have been raising the bar in recent years offering more variety for suppliers. Some common reasons for migration are:

  • Limited features
  • Sales caps on plans
  • Limited integrations
  • Limited payment gateway integrations
  • Security confidence (based on a 2019 data breach)

We Make The Move Seamless

Brand Labs has a long history of working, implementing, and developing for Volusion, so we know it well. From advising to guiding, we’ve successfully migrated hundreds of eCommerce sites using an approach that has been perfected over our 15+ years of work:

  • In-depth migration process to ensure success and a smooth transition from Volusion
  • Functionality Prioritization Document
  • Platform Investigation
  • User Journey Flow, Site Architecture and UX Wireframes
  • Technical Requirements Document
  • Detailed Migration and Implementation Plan
  • Robust Pre/Post-SEO Migration Retention Plan

Brand Labs has developed a multipoint plan that mitigates the many risks associated with large-scale migrations. It is also designed to allow us to see and improve on website elements that can be used to promote the website in the future. While some points might seem minor and others redundant, following a protocol that accounts for possible problems and works to optimize existing strengths serves to turn a complicated process into a seamless transition.

  • We work closely with you to thoroughly plan the entire migration process, so each and every element of your store is accounted for and to ensure nothing is lost during migration. We plan precise dates and a timetable to execute the store transfer process to ensure you have little to no downtime and no interruption of sales.
  • Brand Labs studies, devises, and executes in order to maintain the integrity of your store design, products, customers, and order data, mapping all of the key elements, existing design, and product and category pages to the new eCommerce platform you have decided to move to.
  • We automate the process, relying on bulk data exports to move your entire product, which improves migration time.
  • We perform a full site technical SEO audit before the migration to map your existing store to account for every page currently visible and ranked in the search engines to ensure there is no significant drop in organic rankings and traffic to your store website.
  • Once the move is complete, and before going live, we cross-check and re-check all pages and functionality to avoid surprises after the move.

If you’re a Volusion loyalist or a customer entertaining the idea of migrating to something that gives you more flexibility, it’s always good to know your options, what’s entailed and what to expect.

If and when you’re ready to make the move, let us know. You’re in good hands.