eCommerce Platform Migration Expand Website performance, enhance sales, move platforms and never break a sweat.

If your current website requires too much technical knowledge and time to update and manage, or your site has become unrecognizable with third-party add-ons to get you the functionality you need, you’ve been living with your old site too long.

Make business (and life) easier with Brand Labs’ eCommerce Platform Migration service offering.

Migrating aka re-platforming takes existing in-house or hosted eCommerce infrastructure and prepares it for virtualization on cloud storage systems to address items such as:

  • • Scalability and flexibility
  • • Cost
  • • Custom Integrations and access
  • • Security
  • • Improved Performance with simplified IT infrastructure

We do things a little differently at Brand Labs.

We stay far, far away from jumping straight into implementation (we learned this lesson years ago). Instead, we have a phased approach to platform migrations to provide the best experience for our clients. We start with creating a detailed plan and solution, which we refer to as our “Solution Blueprint” then we move into design, development and SEO retention.

Our unique Discovery & Solution Blueprint phase is built for project success! It’s a well-defined, 3-step process which includes:

  • • Project Requirements
  • • UX Wireframes
  • • Technical Requirements
  • • Timeline and Costs for Implementation Phases

Our business model is not typical…Brand Labs delivered!

We also needed to dramatically change the way we sell online. Brand Labs was able to deliver a new website and shopping experience that met our expectations, and then some. However, this also required them to learn our unique product offerings and then meet our high-level of expectations, and I can professionally state Team Brand Labs was up to the task.

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