Spring Cleaning with Brand Labs' Maintenance Blocks
Spring Cleaning with Brand Labs’ Maintenance Blocks March 10, 2022

The good news is eCommerce sites weren’t terribly taxed this holiday season due to, well, everything – economy, pandemic, supply chains, etc. – and their Achilles’ heels weren’t exposed, as it were. Many would’ve succumbed to the weight of the would-be traffic, which brings us to this month’s blog – Brand Labs’ Maintenance Blocks.

Now is the perfect opportunity to do a little spring cleaning and get ahead of what could be an economy that returns online shopping figures suggesting at the very least one that’s heading in the right direction if not a complete return to normalcy altogether.

Regardless, it’s never too early to start being successful!

Whether you’re wanting to get an assessment of your site’s functionality, beef up efficiency and speed or do a complete overhaul, our Maintenance Blocks are a stress-free, non-intrusive way to get your site where you want it, on your schedule all at once, as needed or over a period of up to 6 months. Plus, you stay in Brand Labs’ queue, alleviating wait time and accessibility.

Think of it as a pre-paid development card. Keep our full line-up of services, customizations and evaluations at-the-ready: Custom Web Development, Website Redesign, SEO Technical Support, User Experience Strategy, eCommerce Platform Migration, and eCommerce Platform Evaluation.

Whether a little or a lot, new or existing clients, start bulking up – even getting more streamline with a little spring cleaning – with our flexible Maintenance Blocks that cover everything from system architecture and project management to eCommerce administrative management support and quality assurance testing.

Contact us for complete details, to schedule an evaluation or get a jump on customizations or features you’ve been eyeing for a while. Our team will assist in confirming what block works best for you based on your specific needs.

Maintenance Blocks

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