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Have You Outgrown Your eCommerce Site? When It’s Time To Migrate. November 22, 2021

eCommerce is sometimes like a forest. Platform-specific issues can grow so slowly around you, before you realize how big they’ve gotten you’re overgrown and surrounded by them. Sure, you can “bolt on” fixes that improve things for you and your customer in the short term, but they’re just that, only temporary (not to mention your site begins to take on a Frankenstein-like functionality and appearance).

So, how do you know a forest has grown around you?

Excessive maintenance. Regular maintenance issues, bugs, and poor performance keep you from focusing on more essential factors, like sales, marketing, and development.

Outdated. Your current platform doesn’t allow you to customize or integrate new features into your website.

Complex Administration. You lack the ability to upload, update or add new inventory to the site with simplicity. Instead, you have to rely on outsourcing or worse, foregoing it altogether due to complexity.

If you find yourself posed with these dilemmas, there’s a good chance it’s time to call in a crew to clear out your eCommerce property with a good ol’ platform migration.

So, what is a platform migration and what can you expect when you do it? First, it’s an upgrade. Across the board, everything from frontend efficiency to backend performance are improved, including the ability for you to manage the part of the site where it counts the most – the frontend and all of its inventory, products or services. No tech skills needed. So, there’s that. (Did we also mention the site will look amazing?).

Simply put, migrating (or re-platforming) moves all or parts of your website, products, content and third-party integrations to new servers and/or platforms, such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and WordPress, which are truly built for today’s eCommerce needs, including:

  • Increased scalability and flexibility
  • Lowered costs
  • Customized integrations and access
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved Performance with simplified IT infrastructure
  • More control over your business while growing it

Not sure which eCommerce platform is best for your business needs? As experienced eCommerce specialists, Brand Labs takes a very platform-neutral approach to assessing your online store, then arms you with the necessary detailed information to make the best decision whether to stay on your current platform and make enhancements or move to another platform.

Once an eCommerce platform is chosen, Brand Labs does the heavy lifting, moving your store from your old platform to your new platform. Our proven detailed and seamless approach to platform migrations is what sets us apart from other agencies while retaining all of your store’s historical SEO value through Brand Labs’ unique SEO Retention Plan.

Make business (and life) easier, expand website performance and enhance sales with Brand Labs’ eCommerce Platform Migration service offering.