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Bigger, Better Bang with Box Builder May 19, 2020

One of the most frequently requested BigCommerce features we get as an agency is our unique “Box Builder” functionality. A custom add-on engineered by Brand Labs to unravel and make sense of customers’ complex product variants and business rules giving the ultimate in cart configurations.

What does this mean to store owners, online, offline or both?

It means making available to shoppers all the tangible options, combinations and configurations available in the physical world, replicable in the digital.

So, you’ve got a store. You’ve got inventory. If you’ve got inventory, you’ve got selection. And if you’ve got selection, you have options (even if they’re as simple as size and color, for those who have existing eCommerce stores).

But what if a customer would like to build, say, a box (or boxes) with a variety of products in it? What about creating a custom gift basket (or baskets)? Being locked into a “linear” experience isn’t the best way to win enduring customers or close multiple sales.

Take, for example. With Box Builder, its customers now have the ability to select a variety of products for a sampler (or samplers) AND it can ship to multiple locations when they’ve built several boxes – all in a single checkout process! Buying bons is always a treat, but when you add this kind of fun-ctionality, it’s hard to resist returning for more.. and more!

bon bon bon builder

This whole idea around flexibility and customization in an online setting is yet one step closer to mimicking the in-store experience. And in our neck of the woods, where small-town ideals are still alive and well, being able to send a custom basket filled with a selection of your choosing is something businesses and consumers value: gifts curated with items as if they were plucked right from home.

From large catalogs that easily integrate into platforms like BigCommerce to unlimited product options for variants that can be sorted, displayed and completely customized and personalized, it’s for these reasons we needed a custom solution capable of this kind of product management.

And for sellers wanting to really maximize customer conversion rate while also boosting add-to-cart rate, they’ll need the development that can take their complex product variants and business rules and simplify them across the board – for everyone involved.

Now, you’re talking about real power. Some real engineer-level solutions. You’re talking Box Builder.

Reach out and let us unlock your online store’s full potential.