Woman showing clothes in a live stream
Trends In UX – Livestreaming June 2, 2022

Suddenly, Smell-O-Vision Isn’t So Crazy Sounding

To recap. Here are some of the trends that not so long ago might have been thought of as Pie in the Sky, improbable, or more like predictions in Back To The Future (can we at least get a hoverboard already!): Parallax Animation, navigation, voice user interface, data visualization, personalized experiences, and even AR and VR to name just a few.

Granted, it’s due to the advances in processing power, which have grown exponentially since 1956. To put it in perspective, the Apollo guidance computer ran at 2 MHz and 4 KB of RAM, and the Playstation 4S? An unheard of 1.84 TFLOPS (teraflops), with 8 GB of RAM running a 1.6 GHz octa-core processor – 1.21 gigawatts, anyone?

All this to say, we have the power to do some stuff, including one of the latest trends, livestreaming. The next big thing to enter the world of e-commerce that’s already taking hold in China and creating a billion-dollar industry. More like infomercials for the modern world, that goes a step further by making it easier, more interactive, and more personal to shop online.

Livestream shopping offers not only advertising for a brand but also product demonstrations in real-time to an online audience who can interact in that experience, be it through online video, chat or other features. And doing it live increases authenticity by reducing the “staging” and “perfection” pre-recorded videos usually exhibit, ultimately allowing the audience to trust in the brand.

The result is more entertainment that results in more engagement which equals more conversions. According to LiSA, one of the first to begin offering Livestream shopping, they see 35% higher conversions, 90% more engagement, and 100% customer excitement.

And it’s not just for e-commerce. It’s anticipated that as the trend gains more ground, industries like edtech, health, culture, and, unsurprisingly, retail, will begin adopting it in the coming year.

Communicating online how a product or service looks and feels in real life is a tricky challenge, but as online and offline lives continue to mesh further, melding the line between digital and online life, livestreaming, whether it’s shopping, healthcare, customer service, and more, certainly makes that leap a short one.

Whatever the trend, Brand Labs is on top of them. Looking to beef up your e-commerce store? Let us know. We can enhance all areas of your site for richer engagement, seamless navigation, and results-driven conversions.