BigCommerce Multi-storefront
New Multi-storefront Option on BigCommerce May 3, 2022

Well, BigCommerce has gone and done it again. Just when you thought selling online couldn’t be more powerful, the leading Open SaaS eCommerce platform for fast-growing and established B2C and B2B brands goes and creates yet another formidable selling tool with so much flexibility, it would come as no surprise if with every license it begins including stretchy athletic wear.

That tool? The BigCommerce multi-storefront platform. It enables merchants to deliver tailored shopping experiences to their different buyers by setting up unique storefronts with separate domains, customized design, transactional and promotional emails, and custom pricing with preferred payment methods. They can also simplify management through holistic views to manage customers, products, order fulfillment, and storefront analytics and data insights.

BigCommerce Multi-storefront Order Management

From just one platform and a single dashboard, an eCommerce store can now:

  • Create custom storefronts as you grow and scale into new markets or brands
  • Decrease costs by decreasing the number of systems needed for multiple brands and storefronts
  • Operate more efficiently with a centralized system that mitigates redundancies
  • Gain insights through a unified data source, offering holistic overviews
  • Create, manage multiple storefronts, with discrete categories, products, unlimited subdomains, customer bases and orders, including analytics and data
  • Add personalization across all storefronts, like custom themes, widgets, scripts – even currency

And so much more.

Whether growing sales in new regions with localized storefronts, streamlining operations for managing multiple brands, or customizing for different customer segments like B2C and B2B, merchants can now seamlessly manage every aspect of their business from one dashboard, delivering exceptional customer experiences that build brand loyalty.

Looking to consolidate your existing storefronts into a single platform or have you wanted to expand your existing brand but are limited by your current platform? Brand Labs is a BigCommerce expert and can navigate you through any upgrade, crossgrade or migration.

Reach out with any questions.