A Good Project Manager
A Good Project Manager Is Key to Project Success February 23, 2022

If you’re looking at it internally, you might think of a project manager as someone who assigns you something then just checks in to see where the project’s at, if it’s on schedule and when they might expect it before calling it a day.

Fortunately for us all, there’s so much more to it than that as theirs is a communication-PR-management-efficiency expert-decision maker-juggling act that many would be hard pressed to accomplish, much less accomplish successfully.

And just as they get all the praise when things go well, they’re also the first to take the slings and arrows of any and all issues the client, whether internal or external, might decide to unload when things get derailed.

This is why one could argue a successful project manager is better than one who is effective and why Brand Labs hangs its hat on ensuring all projects equal success through a project manager of substance, not one of title.

A good PM lays out a blueprint upfront, allowing the client to see what they are getting and the team working for them to better approach strategies that saves the client money but everyone’s time. Brand Labs often compares web development to building a house. When you build a house, the blueprint for the house comes first. This is crucial to more accurately quote the scope of work. This way all stakeholders know what they’re getting before they start putting the roof before the rafters.

A Good Project Manager Review

In this sense, a PM is no different from a builder. One who is experienced and knowledgeable knows how to review, manage and even correct a blueprint to keep projects moving and on track. Both the PM and the blueprint ensure pragmatism. So, before jumping into the design and building first, creating lots of backtracking and revisions that only result in unexpected and unaccounted costs, the PM with their blueprint keeps things moving in an orderly, logical way. It is the foundation of the client’s objectives. This becomes especially important knowing how easy it is to get swept up and excited in the design and build of a project, which can potentially take a project in a direction not aligned with the client’s end goal, and over budget. Like a blueprint with separate pages that build upon the layer below it, Brand Labs’ phased approach keeps things in focus, especially for clients who have tight timelines or budget restrictions.

Knowing your client, seeing their vision and understanding the end goal is the job of the PM. A great one is the difference between absorbing the true personality and motivations of the client and one simply going through the motions, ticking boxes.

The Brand Labs team puts a lot of effort into making sure there is clear communication from the start to benefit everyone involved in the project. If you’re looking to update your e-commerce store with custom development, new designs focused on the user journey, SEO, platform migration, or have questions about how to improve your online store, get to know Brand Labs’ way of project management and get to know success.

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