Don’t Give Your Customers A Reason To Shop Anywhere Else November 18, 2021

BigCommerce B2B Edition

It’s 2022-ish. Things are roaring back to life. Ships are no longer plugging up the California ports. Assembly lines are coming back online. And people are gladly reporting back to work. And you know what this means – people and businesses are ready to shop.

But is your eCommerce website ready?

If nothing else, the past two years have proven consumers are the ones in control. Even the wrong color tie on a rotating banner image is enough to turn off a customer. Imagine what a cumbersome, user “unfriendly” and inefficient online buying experience will do!

BigCommerce, a leading open SaaS solution for merchants, has taken big steps recently to help businesses meet the unique needs of selling to other businesses online. Meet the newest addition to the BigCommerce platform: the BigCommerce B2B Edition.

It’s everything in the existing BigCommerce Enterprise Plan, but with next-level features designed to meet the additional complexities for B2B eCommerce; and more flexible than other SaaS platforms and legacy solutions. Whether you’re new to selling online or you’ve been doing it for decades, this addition is a must-have to grow B2B sales.

Why It Matters

In the fast-paced, ever growing world of eCommerce, your business needs power and control to stay competitive, even relevant. From making interactions seamless between internal teams to creating user friendly experiences for external buyers, you’ll need a solution with the power to win over more new customers, maintain loyalty and, of course, grow your sales. Because as eCommerce begins shaping the “persona” of the market (and it truly is a personality, replete with all the characteristics of a singular person, their moods and habits), it must be forward thinking with any motion already anticipated.

This powerful solution is the BigCommerce B2B Edition. Now, from just a single platform and a holistic dashboard, businesses can empower their stores, sales reps and marketers to sell better, faster and easier to their customers with the BigCommerce B2B Edition. And with tailored onboarding, B2B-optimized themes and robust pre-installed B2B features, you can spend less time on setup and more time growing your business so your customers never have a reason to shop anywhere else. A few key features include:

  • Corporate account management feature with multiple tiers of roles- and permissions-based buying
  • “Masquerade” feature allows sales reps to log in and buy on behalf of customers
  • Personalized pricing, promotions and online quote management, including bulk buying
  • B2B-optimized themes
  • Set up buyer accounts and workflows
  • Easily find, order and reorder products
  • Online quote and invoice portal
  • Buy again history and shared shopping lists
  • Sales rep quoting, trade professional application
  • Payment method visibility control, company address book management

If you’re wanting to prepare well ahead of your customers, BigCommerce B2B Edition is a great place to start. Brand Labs can even customize it so you get all of the barn without all of the horses. Meaning, as a certified BigCommerce Partner, Brand Labs can help customize the standard B2B Edition to meet your specific, and perhaps complex, business needs so you have the horsepower you need to sell online, with the ability to scale and grow alongside you.