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Employee Feedback & Why it Matters April 6, 2021

Hearing employees is essential to company evolution

Like many businesses before the pandemic shut everything down and halted the world, Brand Labs was no different: it was busy getting things done. Michelle Pittell and Danielle Lewis had not only assumed new roles as co-presidents, but they were also preparing a team, undertaking a complete makeover of the company’s services and culture, and learning to adapt to a full-time remote work environment.

To accomplish this, Brand Labs leans heavily on one of its core values – collaboration. With a team dynamic that comprises strategy, design, development, and resource management, we have a mixed bag of personalities in a meeting, each offering their unique way and understanding to see and solve things. Listening to each team member’s contributions is essential to not only getting the job done (and well!), it also improves and evolves our processes while growing our team and uniting our culture.

With a year successfully under our belts, having navigated all the year’s challenges, Brand Labs wan1ted to survey the employees to see if we truly are where we thought we were. The feedback was insightful, constructive, and positive, and because Brand Labs’ new leadership has proven it’s not afraid of change, believing it’s essential not only for surviving but thriving, the team was open, honest, even excited to share feedback. Plus, nothing on the survey was a surprise either because of regular 1×1 check-ins, leadership meetings, and an open “online door” policy that addresses anything.

Though every suggestion or wish isn’t always accommodated, Brand Labs has at least proven that when its team speaks, it listens and respects their feedback and that it’s committed to always making space to promote and grow a culture of honesty and transparency.

Brand Labs is excited to continue the tradition of regular feedback, both formally and informally. Interested in bringing your best work forward? Be open to feedback and be honest about recognizing it. Employees are your best advocates.

Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash