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Methodological vs. Methodical. It Makes a Difference June 23, 2020

As you might be inclined to think given our name, a lot of groundbreaking stuff comes from behind the doors of the Brand Labs. OK, so it’s less a lab and more a space conducive to solving all things development and eCommerce, but we assure you it’s no less science-y!

One thing Brand Labs shares with our fellow scientists, is our approach to how we do things: very methodologically. Because if you think “all this” just happened – that seamless, welcoming, reassuring feeling you instantly got when you saw our website or our work – it’s a bit more complicated than that.

But trust us, there’s more method than madness driving “all this.”

Everything has to work, complement and support every other element, in every different direction. To accomplish this, you need a framework that manages action to consistently deliver successful projects.

Think: AI or artificial intelligence. Logic by itself is simply hardware. It’s only when you give it expression and nuance do the nuts and bolts begin to take shape. Regardless, it all starts with the “guts” and for Brand Labs those are the Core Values, Brand Promise and Vision guiding its success.




Silos. No man is an island. It takes two to tango. The best projects are a result of great collaboration and why it’s first in our core values. In fact, a key part of our process includes a collaboration “component” or what we refer to as our Discovery Phase. Though it’s just one way for Brand Labs to ensure client goals and priorities are clearly defined, collaboration is the best way to create great work and even better relationships and we’re firm believers of both.

Always aware, always cognizant, not just of everything around us but internally, too. The best way to be mindful? Dispense with ego. Brand Labs recognizes that great ideas come from everywhere, everyone. When we leverage the best parts of people, communication is open, honest and respectful. The result is projects that move along smoothly and successfully.

There is a natural order to things (just look at our services and our approach to how we work). The best way to embrace this is by not overcomplicating things. And when you completely map out everything, complexity is removed. It’s why we do what we do and the order in which we do it. From this, beauty is born.

With these core values at our foundation, a promise to always create engaging and seamless online store experiences that put users’ needs at the forefront, and the vision to execute seamless UX experiences for online stores, one thing’s for sure.

Simply having a method ensures only that the same steps are replicated (and it’s usually very linear, by the way). For real power over results, ones that are adaptable and consider the complete environment, it takes being methodological.

It’s the guts powering the Brand Labs way.