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Where should online stores begin: UX, design or development? April 24, 2020

Though it’s really first, we put it last, as we like to say, because when you unravel the UX, successful websites follow. But if each one is unique, tells its own story and a work of art connecting with the end user on a personalized level, just exactly where should you begin with an online store? 

Brand Labs, of course! 

OK, even before that, you’re likely asking just how one goes about executing an eCommerce store and whether the UX, design or development should go first.

It’s said good UX increases customer response and sales, so it only makes sense it should go first, right? What if something looks great but is difficult to use? UI was put above the UX. Usable, but looks terrible – UX over UI. And if the backend development (code) isn’t solid, neither the design nor the UX matter.

So, maybe it’s less a question of which should come first and more a challenge to make them work as one, balancing them and making them dynamic to adapt and shift depending on the need at that moment, harnessing the best parts of each when they’re needed.

Because, after all, one isn’t more or less important than the other and each is crucial and integral to the operation as a whole. Now, this sounds way better than playing favorites (and hurting any feelings).

To find this harmony, it takes being really great where it counts. Not trying to be good at everything or even a lot all at once, while valuing budgets, time and not wasting either by being average.

It takes development that serves up a rich (and logical) experience, makes backend metrics relevant and reliable and converts customers by delivering exactly what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it, seamlessly, intelligently and efficiently.

It will take in-house strategists, designers, developers, and innovators, who on their worst days are experts, web whisperers the other 365.

The answer? (OK, now it’s time) Brand Labs, of course!