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“Website Discovery” and How It Helps You April 24, 2020

Like the discovery process in the legal world, discovery in the website world works in exactly the same way and seeks to avoid or eliminate one thing: surprises! The more information that can be “discovered” from a strategic and functionality perspective for a website, the better the outcome. 

When done well, discovery unlocks the full potential of objectives, as it’s mindful of risk-surprise costs by asking and answering the right questions in the beginning. Things like functionality, integration, compliance, eCommerce solutions, competitor insights, performance enhancements, and even costs and time not only benefit, they’re maximized through comprehensive discovery.

Discovery plays an important role in unearthing potential holes, shortcomings and even redundancies in online store strategies and functionality. Are the right questions being asked by key stakeholders to clearly define website strategy and functional needs? How does the website compare to its competitors? Are the most efficient tech stacks being utilized? With a thorough discovery process and requirements gathering, we’re able to help our clients not only answer these questions, but build a clearly defined project “blueprint” to minimize out of scope costs and create a seamless implementation process.

The importance of discovery can’t be underestimated. We learned early on what makes business work: Solve the user experience by completely understanding end-user motivation. From this, beauty is born, user-centric design that enhances front-end experience and development that unleashes backend performance.

The closer we can zoom in on business objectives and understanding the user experience, the better the outcome, and why Brand Labs invests heavily in unraveling the UX upfront. And you can only do this with complete discovery.

Discovery is more than just ensuring goals and priorities are clearly defined so you have a website that performs front to back as expected, it’s a great way to begin relationships. Oftentimes, this open, one-on-one “conversation” allows for discovery of things not thought about, realized or even revealed. And if you learn a little more about people themselves, even better!

Because when you completely solve for everything, success follows.

Make discovery count with Brand Labs.