The Volusion iPhone app "Volusion Snapshot" by Brand Labs available through iTunesA wise man once said “it is better to give than to receive.”  Clearly that man never received an Xbox, but it’s still a nice thought, so we’re gonna go with it.

In honor of this season of giving, we’ve decided to give you the greatest gift of all: we’re going to enable your obsessive need to keep a constant eye on your Volusion store’s revenue by giving you Volusion Snapshot!

Volusion Snapshot (currently available in the iTunes app store) is a completely free and easy way to watch your sales add up during the holidays and throughout the year.  We created Volusion Snapshot to be secure and simple and to provide you with the one piece of data we know you’re looking for: revenue.  Volusion Snapshot provides current (refreshable) daily revenue figures as well as monthly data, annual data and year-over-year comparisons.  Now you can watch your bottom line while you’re on the go without having to constantly log in to your Volusion dashboard.  We’re giving you the gift of freedom.

… AND if you happen to have multiple Volusion stores, we have even more good news.  Volusion Snapshot will allow you to stay logged in to each of them simultaneously so you can see your online empire expanding no matter where you are.

Brand Labs is dedicated to ecommerce and we’re always working to make it better.  Volusion Snapshot is our gift to the entire Volusion community with the hope that it makes your lives a little easier.  It comes with our very best wishes for a joyous, peaceful and prosperous 2012!

Happy Holidays!