Brand Labs' team at the IRCE 2011

(from left) Ryan Forrest, Katelyn Stanis, Sal Agrusa, Kevin Harman and Dane Downer at IRCE 2011

Fresh off of our inaugural appearance as exhibitors at the Internet Retail Conference & Exhibition, our traveling sales staff has returned with stories and images from the trip.

Here we see our intrepid team gathered in front of our fancy new display which was recently voted the Greenest Trade Show Display in History.  But the show wasn’t just about standing around and looking awesome.  We also got to hang out with our Volusion friends, meet up with several of our customers, hear Doug Mack and Ariana Huffington speak and introduce ourselves to hundreds and hundreds of IRCE attendees.

The team supposedly got a lot of business done, but if we were to judge solely by the pictures they came back with, it would be easy to assume that the primary reason for the trip was beachgoing and barhopping.  We’ll be going over their expense reports with a fine tooth comb, but in the meantime, why not check out the photo gallery after the jump…


San Diego - "Like Los Angeles, Only a Little More South"

We're on a boat!

We're on a boat!

Ryan with Brad Cox from Brand Labs' client, Brad is taller in person than he is on the interwebs.

The IRCE block party hosted by Newgistics, Knotice and Verisign. We can't tell for sure but that looks like Morris Day and the Time on stage.

Kevin, Andy from and Katelyn are clearly working their asses off.


Katelyn is gonna help these guys sell a sh*t-ton of rugs online.

Kevin giving a speech at Volusion’s booth right before he gave away an iPad. We don’t know what he said, but we imagine that all anyone heard was: “iPad, iPad, iPad, iPad…”

The crew celebrates their triumphant IRCE appearance by breaking in to a restaurant and cooking their own food.