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Improving the Checkout for Millenials on

The Proof is in the Numbers: PayPal and Venmo Smart Button Success


Increase in Revenue from PayPal


Increase in Orders from PayPal


Increase in Traffic

Challenge caters largely to a millennial audience – nearly 30% of their customers are in the 25-35 age demographic. shoppers demanded a seamless dynamic checkout and payment experience.


Upgrading to the newest PayPal Checkout product enabled mac of all trades to offer a truly modern and dynamic checkout experience that was fast, intuitive and gave their millennial users the ability to pay how they wanted – PayPal, Venmo or PayPal Credit.

In the two months following their upgrading to PayPal Checkout, the total number of orders completed via PayPal, Venmo or PayPal Credit increased 42%.

Mac of all trades responsive Volusion

What are Smart Payment Buttons in PayPal Checkout?

Based on a store’s specific configuration and a buyer’s location and cookies, PayPal Checkout dynamically presents the appropriate funding sources to give buyers more ways to pay. PayPal‚Äôs Developer Portal offers interactive demos to help ecommerce stores create and test dynamic payment buttons. Ecommerce merchants can upgrade to Smart Payment Buttons easily without custom development or modifying the entire existing Checkout integration.

PayPal Smart Button Benefits

  • Easy to style the size, color, and shape of not just your PayPal checkout button, but also buttons for other, multiple alternative payment methods such as PayPal Credit, Venmo, and more.
  • Dynamically display up to 23 different languages for the checkout process.
  • Completely customizable button layout and orientation.
  • Smart Payment Buttons are available for the PayPal Credit second button
  • All checkout experiences via Smart Payment Buttons are in-context.
  • Smart Payment Buttons are available via Braintree through the PayPal Checkout Component.

The PayPal pay with Venmo button added a level of ease and comfort to our millennial customers.

Michael Snyder

Owner of

Client History

Founded in 1995, is the leader in buying used and selling refurbished Apple products online. The business got its start at a time when Apple Stores had yet to exist and selling professionally refurbished Mac computers and hardware was in its infancy. Twenty-five years of Apple knowledge built a solid foundation that allowed the company to grow alongside the meteoric rise of the Apple brand.

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