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Harman Corporation pioneered the formulations and processing equipment that has made them a superior manufacturer and global supplier of dip molded flexible vinyl products since 1963. A broad range of industries throughout the world value Harman Corporation’s 50+ years of experience in delivering outstanding customer service and the highest quality dip molded product.

With the goal of upholding Harman Corporation’s decades long tradition of delivering unparalleled customer service, Brand Labs re-imagined the entire harmancorp.com site experience. We began by extensively interviewing Harman Corporation’s internal teams, all the way from key stakeholders to customer service reps, to maximize efficiencies in backend workflows and business systems. We then took time to understand Harman Corps core customers needs and tailored a front-end experience to match. Our attention to both the front-end customer experience and the back-office efficiencies has netted overwhelmingly positive results.