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Case Study: Harman Corporation

Updating a Legacy Finds Fast Results


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Client History

Harman Corporation has been a manufacturer and global supplier of dip molded flexible vinyl products for nearly 50 years. Pioneering formulations, innovative process equipment and outstanding customer service have long been the drivers of Harman Corporation’s ability to deliver the highest quality products to a broad range of companies throughout the world.

Harman Corp Plastic Caps


Harman Corp faced a dilemma shared by thousands of manufacturers; an archaic website experience and outdated marketing strategy. The sites sluggish load times were severely impacting customer experience while Harman’s internal teams struggled daily with the most simple of site updates. Their tired marketing mix consisted of little more than print ads in industry mags and Thomas Register industrial buying guide listings. It was time for a complete digital makeover.

Pain Points:

  • A website that crippled growth and scalability
  • Dated site that didn’t properly represent the Harman brand
  • Decreasing organic ranking & traffic
  • Lack of time, resources & digital marketing expertise
  • Day-to-day site management and maintenance
  • Inability to integrate enterprise and CRM software
  • Inefficient site update processes

“Giving our customers the ability to easily order samples, request quotes and purchase product directly from an aesthetically appealing Harman Corp site has elevated the customer experience while enabling us to efficiently drive future growth.”

Kevin Harman

Owner, Harman Corporation


Brand Labs retooled the Harman Corporation ecommerce experience with the launch of a brand new

Harman Corp Responsive Mozu Site

We built on the modern and scalable Kibo commerce platform that now offers their customers a beautiful shopping experience on any device.

Brand Labs reinvented the entire site experience by taking the time to understand Harman Corp’s core customer needs and tailoring a fully responsive front-end experience to match. We built a sophisticated system that for the first time gave customers the ability to request samples, receive quotes and buy product straight from the website.

Maximize efficiencies in backend workflows and business systems.

Brand Lab extensively interviewed Harman Corporation’s internal teams from key stakeholders to customer service reps to build a site that brought efficiencies to daily workflows. We built seamless integrations for current business systems while properly laying the groundwork for future requirements. Concurrently, we followed Harman’s CSR’s through each step of sending sample requests, quoting custom projects and fulfilling direct purchases from the site. This resulted in a site that functions as an extension of their sales team and speeds up the ability to service a client.

Our attention to both the front-end customer experience and the back-office efficiencies has netted overwhelmingly positive results. For Harman Corporation, a modernized site and reenergized digital marketing strategy has created a delightful online experience for their customers.

Marketing Channels Managed

  • Pay Per Click
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Remarketing

Key Site Integrations

Building Big Solutions for Speeding Up Success

  • Built a fully responsive site for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Developed and organized how products and categories are displayed
  • Created custom landing pages
  • Added soft add to cart and order history options
  • Customized product buying chart
  • Increased overall site speed
  • Designed a user experience for easier buying and reduced clicks
Harman Corp Responsive Mozu Store

The Proof

Harman Corp is now empowered to grow their business exponentially and continue their decades long tradition of delivering unparalleled customer service.


Increase in Sessions


Increase in Pageviews


Increase in New Users