The Accelerator

The Rapid Site Launch Program For The Kibo Commerce Platform

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The Kibo eCommerce Accelerator program provides high-growth retailers access to the industry-leading Kibo platform, while also reducing a retailers’ overall implementation effort, time to launch and cost. Retailers benefit from faster speed to market due to ready-made functionalities in a pre-built framework, reducing the average development time. Our program is designed for retailers and manufacturers who wish to sell in an omnichannel environment, while using the full power of the Kibo eCommerce platform.

Brand Labs

Gain Access to Brand Labs eCommerce Experts

Tap into our incredibly talented eCommerce experts who have designed, developed, marketed and managed 500+ eCommerce stores. Partner with Brand Labs to help your business grow.

reduce implementation efforts

Minimize Risk with Reduced Implementation Efforts

Brand Labs’ pre-built active wireframes and ready-made functionalities reduce the amount of heavy lifting needed to implement a store on the Kibo eCommerce platform.

reduce time to launch

Reduce Your Time to Launch

A pre-built framework, coupled with defined launch processes and procedures, allows our team to significantly shorten the average Kibo project go-live date.

reduce cost

Lower Overall Up Front Costs

Nearly a year and a half in the making, the Kibo eCommerce Accelerator program’s built-in functionality, feature sets, and overall efficiencies gained has enabled us to offer Kibo implementations at a very competitive rate.