Our Process

Everything up front, laid out, transparent. No one dislikes surprises more than Brand Labs so we’ve created ‘guardrails’ to keep projects on track, partnerships growing and working collaboratively in 3 defining steps.

Discovery/UX Strategy

Unraveling the UX and functionality requirements upfront during the Discovery Phase.

Project Plan & Proposal

UX wireframes, detailed deliverables, project timeline and associated costs; providing you with your project “blueprint”.


Bringing the UX and functionality requirements to life through our design and development teams.

Step 1
Discovery/UX Strategy

UX and functionality requirements unraveled upfront. 

Removing obscure deliverables to allow all parties, at all times, a full view of expectations through a Discovery Engagement Session that:

  • Understands, guides and defines website and team priorities through stakeholders sessions 
  • Defines strategic goals of the website, including sales targets and marketing goals
  • Gains competitor insights
  • Deep understanding of user stories
  • Identifies current and future tech stack needs
  • Uncovers desired front-end features and capabilities, like design elements, design of the purchase funnel, personalization, search capabilities and other features or content available
  • Investigates any fulfillment workflow and integration requirements
Step 2
Project Plan and Proposal

UX wireframes, detailed deliverables, project timeline, and associated costs.

Providing you with a project “blueprint” of your website, which could include, but is not limited to:

  • Black & white UX wireframes of the home page and top navigation structure, category page and product page (and other pages as needed)
  • Documented design, creative and/or branding needs
  • Formal documentation listing functional requirements of the completed website development project
  • Functionality substitutions using apps or other market implementations
  • Planned integration points or third party responsibilities 
  • Current site performance and areas of improvement
  • Compliance needs (e.g. ADA/WCAG)
  • SEO migration retention and technical SEO needs
  • Documentation of all URLs on the site
  • eCommerce platform recommendations, if a platform has not been chosen
  • Detailed Proposal:
    • Outlining the project phases to execute in detail
    • Providing the necessary hours by Brand Labs to complete the Website Design and Development Project
    • Estimating any additional costs required to support your Website Design and Development Project
    • Efficiently managing the timeline required to complete your Website Design and Development Project
Step 3

With the hard work done upfront – complete discovery and planning – our design and development teams can do what they do best: bring your site to life with UX and functionality that avoid surprises.