Credit: Jeffrey Sauger for The New York Times

36 Hours in Detroit” is a tiny travelogue in the May 5th issue of the New York Times.  Even with the mildly condescending tone (“struggling city”, “the recovery that Detroit is now attempting“, etc.) they did a pretty decent job of pointing out some of Detroit’s finest hot spots… especially Slows.  Seriously… if you live within 300 miles of Detroit, stop what you’re doing, get in your car and drive to Slows.  You won’t be sorry.

Despite their best efforts to cover some of the high points of a trip to Detroit, though, the NYT left out a few not-to-be-missed spots.  Don’t forget Avalon Bread for the absolute BEST organic baked goods this side of heaven.  Right next door, you’ll find Goodwell’s Natural Foods where you can get a mind-blowing Kale salad made by Zen Buddhist monks in Hamtramck (Detroit’s own Polish/German district).  Then grab your delicious grub and head out to Belle Isle, the largest island city park in America and occasional home to the Detroit Grand Prix.

Detroit… it’s not just for Eminem any more.