Rochester, MI Destroys the Ozone in the Prettiest Way Possible

We love our hometown… and in this case, we’re not talking about Detroit, but Rochester.  Without gushing too awfully much, Rochester, Michigan is absolutely freaking adorable.  Our main street (which, oddly enough, is called Main Street) boasts a variety of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants, as well as a veritable throng of happy suburbanites, walking their dogs and kids in the closest thing you can get to a Norman Rockwell-esque tableau in the modern world.

One of Rochester’s most popular and lauded traditions is the Big Bright Light Show.  Each holiday season, every square inch of the building facades on Main Street are absolutely covered with Christmas lights.  We’re not sure what the official count is, but we estimate it to be a skiddledyzillion individual bulbs.  It’s quite something to see and we highly recommend making the trip if you’re in southeast Michigan any time in the next couple of weeks.  If not, just watch the little video above.  It’ll give you a glimpse into our adorable midwestern ways and at 4:28, you’ll see the magic moment.  It’s well worth a look…

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