Photoshop’s 20th birthday was just last week (Feb 10) and for those of us old enough to remember a time when retouching was done with an airbrush (a real one – the kind that connects to an air compressor and is perpetually clogged) it’s an occasion worth celebrating.  Yes, children, there was once a time when, if you wanted to make Oprah skinny, you’d have to hide every Twinkie in Chicago.  Now, you just open her picture in Photoshop and hit the Kate Moss button (we’re pretty sure they have that in CS4).

So for every rogue nation that ever wanted to misrepresent the success of their weapons program,  every Brazilian magazine that needed a carnivorous baby monster for their cover, and every one of us who owes a decent portion of their income to the ubiquitous graphic powerhouse, Happy Birthday Photoshop!

(via Webdesigner Depot)