So, we’re always exploring here at Brand Labs; developing new Volusion apps, seeking out new marketing avenues… basically, we’re learning all the time. Most of those efforts have to do with discovering fresh ways to serve our customers, however, once we get our brains going it can be hard to shut them off and this spirit of exploration spills over into the rest of our lives. This week it spilled over into the kitchen. The result? Froot Loop cookies. That’s right… cookies with Froot Loops. They’re like a magical dream, wrapped in a wish, coated in sugar and baked just long enough for you to have plenty of time to consider the origins of the obesity epidemic here in America.

So whether you’re one of our valued customers or not, we’d like to share this dubious culinary creation with you. You’ll find the complete recipe after the jump…

In the interest of full disclosure, we’d like to point out that our Froot Loop cookies contain no Froot Loops, but rather the organic equivalent… because organic makes it healthier, right?

… also, it should be noted that by dint of their brownish, lumpy appearance, the cookies have earned a rather unfortunate name. Hopefully this fact will not diminish your enjoyment of them.


1/2 c. butter
1/2 c. vegetable shortening
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. almond extract
1 c. brown sugar
3/4 c. cane sugar
2 eggs

2 1/2 c. whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda

Lots of Froot Loops/Rainbow Rings (we didn’t measure)

Cream the shortenings and sugars together with the vanilla and almond. Mix in the eggs. Combine the dry ingredients together in a separate bowl and add them slowly to the mix. Fold in the Froot Loops. Drop HEAPING teaspoonfuls onto a cookie sheet. Artfully arrange even MORE Froot Loops on top and consider sprinkling on sugar for extra sparkle and tooth-rotting fun! Bake for 15 minutes at 325° They won’t change color much (because of the darkness of the dough) so you just have to trust that they’re done… they will be. It’s a cake-y cookie, so they’re better after they cooled and set up a bit.

Voilà! We do all the thinking, you get all the benefits. That’s how we roll.