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Brand Labs INSIGHT removes the clutter from your data and helps you convert more business.

What is Brand Labs Insight?

INSIGHT is a real time dashboard that gives you a snapshot of where you’re earning your business. Whether on your phone, tablet, or desktop, you can immediately know where you’re finding your success.

INSIGHT helps you…
  • Make actionable decisions
  • Get more sales
  • Better serve and retain customers
  • Receive immediate measures of your success
  • By providing the tools you need to help you succeed today

INSIGHT also includes our proprietary software that offers a full suite of tools to automatically help you grow your business: automatic emails for abandoned cart recovery; first purchase response; cross sell emails; newsletter sign-up templates and newsletter campaigns; templates to get product or performance reviews, surveys, and more. INSIGHT allows you to provide exceptional service automatically… and then gives you a full report on the dashboard so you can see how your business is growing because of those services.

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