Google Exclusive Android Mini Collectible by Google and Dead ZebraAs we mentioned a while back, our VP, Dane Downer, just visited the Google Campus for an invitation-only Google Analytics Summit.  Of course, he was there for very thinky/business-related reasons.  After all, going to the Google Campus to learn about analytics is like going to the Jersey shore to learn how to be an orange douchebag.  It’s nerd Mecca.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete nerd Mecca without toys – specifically, exclusive designer toys.

Behold the very cool and possibly kinda rare Google Analytics Android Collectible Mini Figure!   Dane brought this little treasure back from his trip (along with a proper boost in his already formidable interweb skills).  We subsequently destroyed any value it may have had by opening it so we could properly document it just for you.

We’re still die-hard iPhone users over here (mostly) but you must never look a gift toy in the mouth.

UPDATED: It turns out that Dead Zebra, the company that designed this figure for Google, is owned by Andrew Bell, who was in The 3D Art Book with our very own Kevin Skinner… and the circle of nerdiness is once again complete.

Enjoy the mini-gallery after the jump…