When QC Fails – Attention to Detail in eCommerce

Credibility is the heart of every business and the cornerstone of quality branding. There are literally no excuses for missing the mark. Typos, poor grammar and broken links reveal little-to-no attention to detail. If companies don’t bother to spell check and use proper punctuation, this gives ecommerce customers the impression that the website is so disorganized that they haven’t had time to double-check their messaging.

In ecommerce, perception IS reality. That’s why having quality product photos, grammatically correct content and an abundance of customer reviews are so important.

Realize how important it is to keep your website content professional. It’s essential to carefully check all texts before they are published. Don’t rely on spell checkers too much, as they won’t pick up words that are used incorrectly.

Let’s take a look at some obvious ecommerce marketing blunders, and what could have been done differently!

1. The Amazon Misspelling

Surely you know someone who has been on Amazon — you may even be a Prime member yourself. Seemingly any product can be bought on Amazon. They have millions of customer-generated reviews hosted on millions of product pages. However, even with all the automation within, human error can still prevail. Below is an example of a product page where a user can buy a kit to ‘Build a Winter Wonderland: Grow Your Own Snot!’. I doubt the seller looked at the product title when wondering why sales have been down.

Build a Winter Wonderland: Grow Your Own Snot Kit

Build a Winter Wonderland: Grow Your Own Snot!

2. America or Amercia?

What could possibly be worse than making a spelling or grammar mistake on behalf of your campaign? Making a misspelling typo mistake on behalf of your country. While this may appear fine at first, a closer look reveals a flip-flopped “i” and “c.” The ad was shared on social media as one of the top social media fails for that campaign year.

A Better Amercia

A Better Amercia Campaign Ad

3. Insert Marketing Copy Here

The conversion rate of this campaign must be incredible (tongue in cheek!). Seriously, the lesson is obvious here — double-check all the ads you are launching. The Gap launched an add that was a placeholder for other AdWords ads, ending up costing them money and lost impressions. If you assign this task to the interns, check their results. Always. Otherwise, you will end up in a list of marketing failures (like this one).


Google Ad Failure

4. Personalization Gone Wrong

We get it. Personalization in email marketing is very important! However, double-checking data quality during email test sending should be top of the list, especially if there are dynamic fields being populated by the data set. Always test marketing emails for multiple scenarios — or face the consequences of sending out a terrible marketing email to the entire list!

Email Personalzation Failure

Email Personalization Failure

5. When The Interns Run Campaigns

Someone forgot to delete the placeholder subject line — didn’t they? Even large retailers such as Target have slip-ups. Take a look at the email above from Target. ‘Women’s subject line should read: This sweater deal unravels tonight’. It happens to everyone. Always make sure to double-check, test and QA anything that is consumer-facing.

Email Subject Line Failure

Email Subject Line Failure