Potential customers are searching Google and Bing for your business as we speak, and 88% of them trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This is one reason why companies spent over $17.6 billion on Google ads in Q3 2016, up 20% from a year earlier. Doing so keeps retailers relevant, as well as at the top spots where consumers are making that first click.

But how do you stand out to grab the attention of these new customers?

The answer is by leveraging ratings and reviews to qualify for Google Review extensions in your paid Google ads. Google recently increased the threshold to a minimum of 150 reviews (within 12 months) and a 3.5 star rating because retailers have seen upwards of 17% increase in traffic to their site when these stars are enabled. With so much money being spent on Google and Bing ads, retailers are looking for ways to stand out over the competition — and reviews about their business and products are the way to do it!

Owning SEO For Your Business & Product Reviews

Customers aren’t just stopping at Google paid ads, either. If they are unsure about buying from your business for the first time they turn to search engines. And organic search is where so many retailers fall victim to complaint sites, which use their SEO to stand out with angry customers sharing bad experiences without giving retailers an opportunity to present their side of the story.

That’s why retailers are leveraging the SEO authority of long standing review companies that rank extremely high when a person searches a business name plus the word “Reviews.” These review vendors, such as ResellerRatings, give retailers the chance to have a certified third-party vendor with Google show a true representation of these businesses.

Companies that proactively ask their customers for reviews, tend to have much higher ratings because they wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t have happy customers. Unfortunately, that’s why complaint sites do so well, because the happy customers never search Google to share their story, angry customers do. The happy customers share when they are asked by the retailer and that’s where we come in.

Choosing A Full-Service Reviews Manager


Once you’ve succeeded in grabbing the attention of that potential customer, don’t lose them on your site. While ResellerRatings is a great choice as a brand review solution, it also allows you to collect and manage product reviews. Those reviews will appear on product pages, and give it a boost to gain attention beyond the manufacturer’s description. In our recent study consumers say that they found product pages with reviews twelve times more valuable than ones that only had information from the manufacturer.

Product reviews also complete the customer’s journey. Customers are seeking the sort of confidence to buy from you for the first time, and that is helped by reading feedback from others when assessing that a product is right for them. And once a new customer has made a purchase, don’t forget to ask them to write a review to start the process all over again, gaining more potential customers!



Guest post by ResellerRatings