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Many of the nation’s fastest growing ecommerce companies are also some of the most effective at leveraging email marketing, and this is no coincidence. The explanation behind this phenomenon is simple — collecting email addresses from prospective and returning customers is the best way to build and maintain relationships with consumers!

The top way to grow an email subscriber list is to have an email sign-up box prominently featured on your ecommerce site. This prompt can be a request that pops up for new visitors, a stationary option on your homepage, an item included in your navigation menu, or even a field on your checkout page. But no matter where it’s located or what it looks like, your ecommerce site needs an email signup for the following reasons:

Connecting with Consumers Early in The Buying Cycle

Increased ecommerce competition has given consumers more choices when shopping online, which has led to a longer research stage in the buying cycle. Shoppers will often visit many different sites to compare product selection, prices, and shipping options before buying but the important part is that they do eventually buy from somewhere. Remember, it’s not always about getting a conversion in the form of a sale right away. Having an email signup provides for another conversion opportunity earlier on in the buying cycle that is just as valuable because it means that you can kindle the customer relationship. A solid customer relationship can lead to that first sale and future sales as well.

The best way to collect email addresses from casual window shoppers is to present them with a simple pop-up window asking them to sign up. A tool like JustUno can help you build your email list so that you can generate more sales in the long run!

Following Up with Unsatisfied Shoppers

When the product a shopper is looking for on your site is out of stock or too expensive or missing a key feature, it’s easy for them to just leave and look elsewhere. If you just let these people get away they most likely won’t come back on their own later to see if the product is back in stock or marked down. But if you provide them with a way to sign up for future communications and then reach out and ask them to come back, they’re much more likely to do so. Getting shoppers to sign up for emails gives you a way to notify them when the things that they weren’t satisfied with have changed. You can keep them in the loop when you have new arrivals to share and promotions to offer so that your products remain on their radar throughout their purchase journey.

Once shoppers have signed up for your emails, you can use Autoresponder Max to automatically send them a thank you email and make your first offer to entice them to return to your site. This timely strategy can result in more sales faster than typical email campaigns!

Maintaining Relevancy with Returning Customers

You already have contact information for your existing customers, but that doesn’t mean you have permission to send them marketing emails until they specifically request those communications. Most ecommerce sites provide an opportunity to opt into emails during the checkout process, but not everyone will check that box. It’s important to offer a second chance for returning customers to receive your emails by having an email sign-up on your website as well. Convincing your existing customer base to sign up for emails is a great way to engage with them on an ongoing basis so that your brand stays relevant to them.

Using an email platform like MailChimp allows you to create professional quality email templates to utilize for your ongoing email campaigns. Having emails that are both well designed and set up to collect engagement data is a winning combination when it comes to being able to market to your existing customer base!

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