make online purchases without your significant other knowing
Between shared bills, tax benefits, and a built-in therapist, being married is actually pretty awesome — no matter how much your disgruntled co-workers complain about their ol’ ball and chain. However, one surprising area of friction in a relationship revolves around Ecommerce gift giving.

No, we’re not talking about our better halves going on surprise spending sprees and putting our whole lives in jeopardy. That’s a problem for the therapist. This hiccup is actually relatively common and fairly easily solved.

When couples with shared bank statements buy gifts for one another online, the element of surprise is almost impossible to keep under wraps.

For example, my wife’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to buy her these handy Herb Scissors from Amazon. Pretty sweet, right? Herbs don’t stand a chance. The problem is, my wife gets notifications pushed directly into her bloodstream, as soon as I purchase anything. Even on the freak instance where she happens to miss an order confirmation, there’s no way my gift is going to slide under her weekly-scheduled online bank statement analysis.
herb scissors

So, how do I buy my wife a gift on Amazon, without her knowing?

After asking around the Brand Labs’ office and presenting my timely problem, we came up with the following four quick fixes. We’re not recreating the wheel over here, we’re simply solving ecommerce problems (after all, that’s what we do best) and working towards a happy household, full of unexpected gifts, reciprocal kudos, and in my case… well-seasoned food.


Remember cash? Figure out how much your would-be online transaction costs, take out that amount of cash, and ask a co-worker to buy the gift for you, using their account. If you’re really cool, you’ll throw a few extra bucks to sweeten the deal.

PayPal Checkout

If you purchase your gift with funds from a PayPal account, the transaction will show up as a non-specified ‘PayPal Transfer’ on the bank statement. If your permanent house guest starts asking questions from there, pretend it’s something really bad you’re trying to hide. Then, when their gift comes, you’re the good guy and they’ve learned their lesson. Two birds. One stone.

Prepaid Gift Cards

What, you didn’t realize prepaid gift cards could be purchased for other things than making sure your drug-addled cousin actually buys groceries and not pills? Boom. Easy solution to invisible transactions and a happy household.


Marriage is all about trust. If your bond is tight, simply tell your significant other you’re planning on purchasing them a gift online, asking them to put on temporary blinders until the gift is given. If they peek, divorce is always an option.

Seeing as Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we’re hoping these easily implemented solutions to discrete Ecommerce come in handy. If not, don’t even bother applying for that Private Eye gig.