Watanabe-Pillow-VolusionAre you tired of Volusion sites with lots of confusing pages?  Do you want to eliminate the tiresome clicking that stands between browsing and buying?  Is it a backbreaking chore just to get from your home page to the checkout?  Well your worries are over!  Introducing the ONE-PAGE VOLUSION SITE!  As seen on WTPillow.com!

Not only does this site use embedded flash and video to fully describe the product in a single page, but it also gathers the customer info from the home page and populates the checkout page WITH NO EFFORT AT ALL!

BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE!  As soon as the customer fills out their credit card info, a window pops up AUTOMATICALLY, showing the customer a SPECIAL, LIMITED TIME OFFER!

How much would YOU expect to pay for such a HIGH QUALITY website?  $50,000?  $100,000?  Well, if you ACT NOW, we can give you the ONE-PAGE VOLUSION SITE, the INFO POPULATION TOOL AND the AUTOMATIC OFFER POP UP for a special ONE-TIME-ONLY price!!  CALL NOW!  Operators are standing by.  (This offer not available in stores.  Void in Uzbekistan.  Must be 18 or older.)