Brand Labs custom Volusion Template for Tasty CottonOur latest site launch stands testament to the fact that Reality TV and Volusion go hand-in-hand.  Those who follow us closely will remember that some time back we designed a custom Volusion template for, Jay McCarroll (Project Runway, Celebrity Fit Club).  Well, we’re once again crossing paths with reality TV with our latest site launch – Tasty Cotton.

This time around, the reality star in question is Top Chef All Stars champion, Richard Blais.  He’s endorsing his own line of Tasty Cotton shirts that all have to do with his very particular, very science-fiction-y style of cooking.  Known for his use of liquid nitrogen and hair products, Blais’ shirts mix gastronomy and chemistry in a way that is uniquely Blaisian.

Tasty Cotton is the sister store of another of our Volusion template clients, Who Are Ya Designs, so if you love European football or food we’ve got you covered.