Project Description


Answering Science with Science

Migration from Custom Platform to BigCommerce

The Purpose

Pharma and biotech research company. TOKU-E’s robust development pipelines delivers novel antibiotic products that simplify workflow, improve results and save time for research scientists.


UX Strategy

The Observation

Create a website that streamlines and improves the overall buying experience for both scientists and the buyers making purchases on behalf of scientists.

The Approach

Because TOKU-E’s products are heavily customized, requiring a lot of development intervention, it was important to create a site that allows easy navigation for all things science while delivering an efficient UX design.

The Solution

Create a top navigation menu that more readily takes users where they want to go, more intuitively, alongside custom and robust search functionality, branded communication templates for a cohesive experience before and after the sale, and a custom blog.

View the Site
View the Site