Resort for a Day / Bahamas Day Pass
Cruising… Online And Offline.
Platform migration from Volusion to BigCommerce
The Purpose

Resort For A Day and Bahamas Day Pass. The world’s largest cruise agency and award-winning leisure travel company. Through pre-selected resorts, beaches and pools at locations near cruise ship piers, cruisers have the opportunity to book exciting and relaxing shore excursion and daycation options – all online, before they arrive at their cruise destinations.

Resort for a Day case study
The Observation

Travelers oftentime would abandon bookings because they were not given the flexibility to customize trips, or ready or able to pay the full cost of an itinerary.

Resort for a Day store observation
The Approach

A site and design with flexibility on the frontend that is sales-driven on the backend.

Resort for a Day store laptop
The Solution

By completely liberating the design, travelers are now able to customize all aspects of an itinerary, simply and easily, while also having the ability to hold their itineraries with only a deposit. Brand Lab’s smart integration, and its ability to simplify the complex list of deliverables, give Resort For A Day and Bahamas Day Pass a unique experience that’s feature-rich and individualized between the company’s brand of sites:

  • Travelers can now shop by cruise ship itinerary based on ship and travel date
  • Inventory queries based on specific dates, not just global availability
  • Collect deposits instead of full amounts
  • Custom order confirmation email
  • Guest Pass area
  • Custom SalesForce integration
  • API to order and book through mobile app
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