Mac Of All Trades
Apple To The Core
Ground-up dev to keep MOAT growing
The Purpose

Founded in 1995, Mac Of All Trades is the premier buyer and seller of low-priced, excellent condition, previously owned Apple computers, products and accessories.

The Observation

Providing for every option, in any configuration, for every product in MOAT’s 25,000-square-foot facility so customers feel comfortable about purchasing “certified refurbished” requires some super dev.

Mac Of All Trades case study
The Approach

MOAT has established itself as a force in Apple resale. To ensure momentum in today’s modern space, MOAT’s operation require solutions that maintain and grow its SEO foothold, streamline backend management, and simplify the customer experience.

Mac Of All Trades store approach
The Solution

A beautiful frontend and an uncompromising backend allowed MOAT full control over everything from a WYSIWYG editor for products to Affirm and Re:amaze integrations for both customer and client customer experiences.

Other unique functionalities include:
  • GTM
  • Content migration
  • SEO Migration
  • Redesign & Custom Development
  • 301s and DNS launch
  • Single field description that leverages tiered info
  • Auto Stocking Tiers based on inventory
  • “Show Stock” hash to show stock level when appended to a page’s URL,
  • Weekly Deals category page
  • Custom Fields highlighting special offers, weekly deals promo callouts and badges
Mac Of All Trades store solution Mac Of All Trades store solution