Keller Heart
Slippery Business Calls for Slick Development
The Purpose

Keller-Heartt. Leading distributor of bulk oil solutions that range from brake cleaner and hydraulic oil to motor oil and propylene glycol, with distribution centers in Chicago and Milwaukee that ship everywhere in the United States.

Keller Heart case study
The Observation

Keller-Heartt prides itself on keeping things midwestern friendly, promising it is never more than a phone call away. What wasn’t so friendly were the checkout process, site navigation, access to safety and data sheet information, and showcasing the big-name brands they offered along with their own in house brand, Truegard.

Keller Heart store observation
The Approach

Design a new website that was user friendly and had purchase order and multi-payment capability; wholesale portal login for large buyers; dynamic discounting that displays cost savings based on volume purchases; and navigation and product associations that make ordering and accessing safety information intuitive, fast and friendly.

Keller Heart store approach
The Solution

Clever design and development featuring a multipath checkout that made transacting with Keller-Heartt “slicker” than ever. A Shopify site offers an area for promotional codes that can be created on the backend and discount codes given to customers, while on the frontend. Prominent design promotes Keller-Heartt’s own line and free shipping feature, plus the ability to search by brand, application and industry.

Keller Heart store screenshot Keller Heart store another screenshot