Joyous Health
The Path To Joyous Living
Robust Dev to Unify the Brand
The Purpose

Award-winning certified holistic nutritionist and best-selling author of The Joyous Cookbook, Joyous Detox and Joyous Health, Joy McCarthy takes her passion for natural health and inspires others through beauty products and an online community with personalized content.

Joyous Health
The Observation

With its online community, eCommerce store and multiple brand offerings, Joyous Health is robust. But a disparate interactive process lacked single sign-on (SSO) across the Joyous Health network for existing and new users and an optimized, one-page UI/UX checkout.

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The Approach

Create an account on one site, whether BigCommerce or Gyroscope, that works across all others using the same credentials. On the checkout page, authenticate is made through their existing system (Gyroscope PHP framework). Similarly, sign up forms create accounts in both Gyroscope and BigCommerce websites.

Joyous Health store approach
The Solution

Integrate and customize login, sign-up, checkout, and order confirmation functionalities with Joyous Health’s BigCommerce Optimized backend to facilitate authentication for new users (validate/login using JWT or error message) while allowing existing users from their current external platform to log in with their current email and password.

Provide documentation of expected and API endpoints to authenticate against third party systems, as well as:

• SDK Checkout in beta
• JS changes
• Associated changes to checkout
• Automated build process
• Test cases
• Swagger/OpenAPI standard format

Joyous Health store approach