Gifted Prints
The Gift of Print At Your Fingertips
Complete customization of printable gifts
The Purpose

Creating high-quality, unique and personal custom-made birthday chalkboards, announcements, invitations, thank you cards, personalized gifts, and other “printables” that feel like you made them yourself.

Gifted Prints store case study
The Observation

Fulfilling the promise of “every product will feel like something you would have created for yourself” doesn’t come without a few dev hurdles. All aspects of creating something physically must translate digitally.

Gifted Prints store observation
The Approach

Logic from a practical level. Not only must the usual options be included – quantity, size, options, shipping – but the ability to cross- and upsell, as well as, full control over editing products, help Gifted Prints achieve its promise – and reviews to back it up.

Gifted Prints store solution
The Solution

Migration from Volusion to BigCommerce for more backend creativity, like custom page templates, Quick Cart (SATC) view and integration for reviews, while a redesign allows for microlevel product customization, with the option to upload imagery that can be incorporated into their designs, and min-max state product detail options.

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