A Real Wizard In International Power
Dev for the right adapter
The Purpose

Traveling and don’t know which adapter to take? Turn to Ceptics, a US-based manufacturer of travel solutions that power, connect and protect electronic equipment for the likes of Philips, the US Army and Navy, embassies around the world, and more.

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The Observation

Like exchange rates, the metric system and language, the more you know before you go, the better the experience. Having the correct power adapter is no different as the wrong one can leave you discharged, damaged or the worst kind of dead.

Ceptics site approach
The Approach

Remove the guesswork. Whether bulk offers for business or custom orders with logos, identifying the correct adapter wherever travelers might be off to ensure 100% satisfaction while decreasing inbound calls, emails, chats and returns.

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The Solution

A Help Me Choose My Adapter wizard. From a robust query that narrows down to the village of a country being visited to leveraging Shopify tagging to allow for easy updates to the wizard, Ceptics, through custom dev and creative, can recommend full-proof solutions to assist traveler needs based on destination, device type and whether additional USB ports will be needed.

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