A Real Shoe-In for Shoppers
Custom Builder Solution
The Purpose

New York based, Alterre creates comfortable go-to shoes that maximize style with a twist – allowing them to be personal by making them interchangeable.

Case study section Alterre Shoes example
The Observation

Offering shoppers the ability to change straps between heel heights, and actually customizing shoes to match the occasion, ups the dev factor to ensure the demands of customizing a shoe hold up to the whims of the shopper.

Alterre Shoes observation
The Approach

Create a custom UX flow would be necessary to allow shoppers to have access to the various styles and selections for the given shoe base chosen, and make it easy, simple and efficient, increasing conversion.

Alterre Shoes approach
The Solution

Custom Shoe Builder! Single page, client-side application hosted on Alterre’s Shopify store that uses its GraphQL API to pull assets directly from files already uploaded to the clients admin based on size, shoe base with respective colors available, and strap selections. Once complete, the final creation is displayed and ready for checkout.

Alterre Shoes solution