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The Purpose No. 1 Viking Authorized Dealer of Genuine Viking Parts. Old or new, professional or designer, indoor and outdoor. They have the most complete inventory of parts this side of the eVerse and can fix them all.

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The Observation

Nobody knows parts better than they do. The problem: nobody knows parts better than they do. Being the subject matter experts, an outdated, cumbersome grid view of the more than 5,000 unique parts worked great for them but ain’t nobody got time for that. Not even customers, who would opt to call rather than search.

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The Approach

Keep things manageable, friendly and efficient with a search by part number query or narrowing parts by appliance category then rendering an interactive diagram of selectable parts, allowing for as many parts needed to be added to the cart without navigating from the current view.

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The Solution

Implement a parts finder table and part diagram manager, including a custom development option that allows customers to use a PDF to search and add parts from in a single action. The results were two-fold: improve ease of use for the consumers, improve time management for staff.

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