Disclosing Your Budget: Good Practice or Bad Habit?

When the budget is disclosed upfront, the right questions can be asked, and expectations identified, the scope of work begins to take shape, allowing us to specifically identify functionality, performance and the necessary development to make it all happen.

The Brand Question: To Evolve Or Not To Evolve

Ever come across an old picture of yourself? What were you wearing? How about that hair? And your reaction? Exactly. We’ve all been there and we’ve all had the same reaction: Wow. I was awesome! (We’re actually laughing because we only wish that’s how it went. It usually ended with something like, “Please don’t post this anywhere”). Honestly, the analogy alone is enough to answer the question of why it’s important to evolve your brand...

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How Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way Users Shop Online

Only a few years ago, shopping online meant sitting in front of a computer and browsing through endless websites for items of interest. That model has now been completely replaced, as Americans now use smartphones and other mobile devices to accomplish their online and in-store shopping. At least 65% of American adults are in possession of a smartphone, and that percentage is even considerably higher among younger adults.