What are you doing on the morning of Sunday, October 3?  If you answered, “eating free breakfast, listening to live music and getting free stuff” then you can just go ahead and skip the rest of this post.

The rest of you may want to consider heading to downtown Detroit… more specifically, to the Steak Hut (reportedly Detroit’s oldest diner) to get yourself some free Hippie Hash, listen to some great live music by FAWN and snag a free copy of the Audiosonic Identiglyph.  We’ll be there from 8am until 2pm, but the real action happens when FAWN takes the stage for their first set at around 11am.

Admission – FREE

Breakfast – FREE

Audiosonic Identiglyph – FREE

… you were probably expecting us to say “priceless” on the last one, but in all honesty, the only “priceless” thing about this whole event is the Steak Hut’s proprietor, Gus.  The rest of it is just free and awesome.  Please join us.