A lot of online merchants have blogs.  It’s a great way to easily add depth and credibility to your brand on a daily basis, but a lot of business blogs go unused or they become an endless succession of product announcements, leaving readers cold and squandering their interest.  Of course our clever marketing team would never let that happen.

When we were designing and developing Voguette.com, the client requested that we create a landing page for the site wherein they could share tidbits about their products’ appearances in the media.  We suggested that we implement the landing page as a mini wordpress blog, allowing them to update regularly and control the content with ease.  Thus, Voguette’s “As Seen In” page was born.

By giving the blog a specific central idea and placing in the context of the store, rather than as a separate entity, we avoid some of the pitfalls related to business blogging.  There’s no expectation that the blog and its content should stand on its own and the end result is deeper brand-building than could be accomplished on a traditional blog.  The constantly-updated content contributes directly to the shopping experience and adds credibility to the brand.  It’s an elegant solution to a long-standing retail problem and a great way for any merchant to begin to get a handle on their social media campaign.