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Important Ecommerce Contest Update

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative Extends “Win a New Store” Contest The Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative (EEDI) has extended the entry period for its currently-running contest, in which entrants can win a complete online store....

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Breaking New Ground

So, we're always exploring here at Brand Labs; developing new Volusion apps, seeking out new marketing avenues... basically, we're learning all the time. Most of those efforts have to do with discovering fresh ways to serve our customers, however, once we get our...

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Merchandising… Now what exactly is that?

When we deliver a completed Volusion site, there's one question that I can be entirely sure will be asked of me: “What do I do now?” This isn’t a question that comes exclusively from people who are new to the industry. Often, the person at the other end of that...

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From Our Leader

Brand Labs is a pretty young company. We've been around for a few years and we have a couple of hundred customers, but in the big scheme of things, we're just starting out. That's why it may seem a bit odd to already be talking about a new beginning, so bear with me...

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Volusion Template Selection

Getting started with choosing a built-in template is easy in Volusion. Simply log in to your Volusion store's admin area, and click on Design (in the top nav), then click on Choose Template (beneath Design in the top nav). From this screen, click on the Free Templates...

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Key Metrics for Measuring Web Site Success

There are several key metrics for determining how successful your Volusion e-commerce store is. In order to measure them, your site needs to be running a web analytics package such as Google Analytics. Below are some of the most important metrics that should be...

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Natural Search Engine Optimization in Volusion

Volusion web sites can be very search engine-friendly. It is up to the site administrator to properly set up product, category, and article pages for good SEO. Volusion provides many features to make it easy for merchants to customize their sites from an SEO...

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Using Google Analytics with Volusion

Brand Labs recommends Google Analytics for Volusion e-commerce stores. It's free to use whether or not a site advertises on Google AdWords, and it's a very robust analytics package. Each key web site metric is captured and may be analyzed via Google Analytics. Google...

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Using Google Checkout with Volusion

A great feature of Volusion is its integration with Google Checkout. Google Checkout is quickly gaining popularity among shoppers and merchants alike. Plus, Volusion is integrated with Google Checkout. Similar to PayPal, Google Checkout makes it easy for shoppers to...

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Brand Labs is a Volusion Authorized Reseller

Brand Labs is a Volusion Authorized Reseller, but more importantly, we're Volusion experts. We understand and fully embrace all the capabilities built in to the Volusion shopping cart platform. Not only can we provide you with a great design for your Volusion store,...

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