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The Holy Grail for Germaphobes

Are you prepared to slap your forehead and scream to the heavens: "Why didn't I think of that?!" It is an undeniable fact that the worst thing in the whole world is touching a public bathroom door.  It's worse than doing your taxes.  It's worse than clubbing baby...

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Gold Violin Launches New Volusion Store

For those who don't already know, Gold Violin is a store entirely dedicated to products for independent living.  With that in mind, we designed their new Volusion store for increased ease of usability. In addition to the prominent, high-contrast checkout button in the...

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Hollywood Suit Outlet Launches New Volusion Store

We've done a LOT of women's apparel sites and a fair number of unisex clothing stores, but this is a rare one for us: a men's clothing store!  Of course, there are certainly a few women out there keeping the Annie Hall flame alive by donning a tie every once in a...

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eCommerce Lessons: Anonymous Vs. Westboro Baptist Church

For those who don't know (ah, the bliss of ignorance), the Westboro Baptist Church is a group of people whose primary motivation is an irrational hatred/fear of homosexuals.  They demonstrate this pretty clearly by showing up at events unrelated to homosexuality...

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Brand Labs Joins Volusion at South by Southwest (SXSW)

Brand Labs is pleased to announce that we'll be sharing a booth with Volusion at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival this year. We've been working closely with Volusion for years (developing client-specific, enterprise-level solutions as well as a full...

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Exciting App Updates for AutoResponderMax for Volusion

In case you're unaware of it, we recently introduced AutoResponderMax - a collection of customer outreach apps that automatically send emails based on trigger events, like cart abandonment or purchases.  Not only is it effective and affordable (cheap, frankly), but...

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Did Google Kill Business Ethics?

It turns out that many major corporations may not have any conscience whatsoever.  We'll pause here for a moment while you pick your chins up off of the floor. Yes.  Apparently, old-style business ethics have no place in the world of online marketing.  As Exhibit...

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Brand Labs Officially Arrives at Internet Retailer Conference

Our founders, Dane Downer and Kevin Harman (respectively) are, at this very moment, at the Internet Retailer Web Design and Usability Conference in Orlando, Florida.  We can totally prove it with this totally spontaneous camera phone shot of them looming over what...

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Second. Best. Super Bowl. Ad. Ever.

Okay... so this isn't the second best Super Bowl ad ever, but, it does (like our other recent Super Bowl ad post) feature everybody's favorite Detroiter, Eminem... and in the closing shot you see Brisk Iced Tea's Artists' Series of can designs.  Among them (just left...

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